m a k i n g   t h e 

s a c r e d   s i m p l e .


My mission is to make the sacred simple, so more women like yourself, can follow the calling within to connect with your light.

I channel high vibrational healing energy, messages from our guides and my inner wisdom to intuitively guide you through your own healing and reclamation.

Re-connecting you with your heart space, back into your power, whilst being so grounded to the earth.


Releasing and clearing what is no longer serving you energetically, holding the space while you go to the parts of yourself that you’ve resisted for so long.


Connecting with the freedom and expansion on the other side.

I do this through one-on-one sessions, intuitive readings, virtual retreats, my podcast, channeled artwork, group experiences.... anywhere I am lead to show up for you.... ⁣

I show up for you as my full and authentic self, full of heart and presence.⁣

Your soul knows the way...

I’m here to help you listen to what that is.

Every day, more women are trusting their inner guidance and reaching out, and the beauty is we get to expand to this next level together. ⁣

Can you feel the shift too !? ⁣

The women I work with

regularly experience...

A reconnection with themselves, clearing their energy of old blocks that have been keeping them stuck in the same repeating patterns.

The ability to step (or leap) outside of their current comfort zone and truly feel the magic in life, with a sense of ease and grace!

Feeling safe to connect with their true desires and discovering what their soul is actually communicating with them.

Connecting with a sense of calm and peace, which leads to them to view life in a whole new way and positively impacts the people they love.

Hi, I'm Jess Lee...


(In a seamless way, we simply show up to our session and allow things to flow for your highest good)

Spiritual Healing + Life Coaching + Emotional Healing + Reiki + Intuitive Messages from your Spirit Guides + Energy Work + Timeline Therapy + NeuroLinguistic Programming + Oracle Cards + Astrology + Numerology +   + Open Heart + Safe, Secure, Nurturing & Loving Space


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