How To: Stop Listening to Other's Opinions

How To: Stop Listening to Other's Opinions

The other night I felt really BLAH! I received an email from someone I respected telling me that I wasn’t going to be able to achieve one of my dreams. While I try not to take on other people’s opinions or expectations it was hard to shake off.

Very quickly I began questioning myself and what I was actually capable of. What if they were right? As much as I knew that I shouldn’t let it get it to me, I noticed that my energy was low and I was finding it hard to let go of. I started craving sweets, I wanted to just cuddle up and watch TV in a blanket instead of working on the project they were referring to.

Eventually after a chat to my mum, I was able to come back to a place of centre. I reminded myself that I am the ONLY one that is in control of my mindset, my actions and my future and I deleted the email. The next morning I began thinking about the power ONE person can have when it comes to our emotional state and the way we view ourselves. I realized that on the other end of the scale, if I received an email from someone with exciting news I would be elated.

I started to think about what would have happened long term if I had have taken this person’s opinions on board as my truth. I would have negatively adjusted my mindset around what I was capable of. Before long I would have been taking less action and believing that there was ‘no point’ in even trying.

I mean, if this person had told me that it wasn’t going to happen then who was I to question it and believe that I could create a different reality?

The truth is, who am I NOT to? By falling into the trap of believing I wasn’t good enough, that is the energy I would have put out into the world and THAT is what I would have manifested more of. I would have struggled to move forward and it would have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The less action I took, the less success I would achieve, and the more I would believe that person was right about me. I’m sure this is true for all of us. Where have you done this in your life?

Where have you taken on other people’s fears and opinions as your own and believed they were true in your life? Well, it’s time to wake up.

Because it’s simply not true.

Whether I ultimately achieve my goal or not, that doesn’t matter. I would rather do EVERYTHING I can to find out for myself.

I choose to believe in MYSELF no matter what. I choose not to focus on the fact I could miss my goal, because I know in the process of trying, moving forward and creating, more magic will happen. My path may change from what my current vision is, but more beauty is going to occur than if I choose to give up and stay where I am.

We’ve got this beautiful! No matter what, choose to come back to your own self worth. Choose to believe you ARE good enough. Make a list of all the reasons why you CAN. Make a list of WHY it is important to you.

Get outside and move your body, connect with others who believe in you. Of course, constructive criticism can build a stronger and more resilient version of ourselves but CHOOSE to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you and doesn’t feel right.

Drop the story of ‘I can’t’ and ‘what if’ and instead choose to remember all the times in your life you HAVE succeeded, you HAVE stepped out of your comfort zone. Keep moving forward, and use their criticism as fuel rather than a wet blanket.

I now have a new part to my goal… send a loving email back with a photo of me saying ‘Thank you, I did it.’ 

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