Intuitive Life Coach, Mumma & Mindfulness Lover!

Life isn’t about the destination it is TOTALLY about the journey.

What is the point of a successful business if we don’t enjoy working in it?

Why chase after a life that looks great, if we can't be present and experience joy along the way?

When I run my own business, I do so by following my intuition, by taking time OUT and by being still.

Sure, there are times I need to work hard and #hustle but I choose to come from a feeling of ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’.

If something doesn’t feel right, if I’m drained and demotivated - I look at WHY.

I take time out.

I come back to my centre.

I listen to my inner guidance.

This is what I want for all the women I work with...

To not only achieve a fantastic outcome together, but to enjoy the journey along the way.

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