Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or a little off centre?

Would you like to experience the healing energies of a balance, whilst feeling empowered to do this for yourself in every day life?

Are you ready to move forward and take action in your life, but unsure on what the next step is?

This is for the woman who would like to tap into the healing energy of a private balance in a budget friendly way.

Connect with Jess Lee and 5 other women in an intimate online group balance and activation. Assisting you in tapping into a space of alignment so that you can move forward from a place of ease.

Leading up to the call, you will receive an exclusive guided audio from Jess and journaling prompts to begin to illuminate the key areas you would like to move through in this session.

This space is loving, supportive, kind and peaceful.

Each call will be slightly different as Jess intuitively feels into the needs of each group of women. You will be guided to come back to your heart space, and listen to the true callings of your soul’s desire. Your heart knows the answers you are seeking, this is the perfect space to slow down, go inwards and listen.



'Jess took me through the most beautiful energy clearing like nothing I had ever felt before! It was electric and I could feel everything around me instantly change as well as her energy through the phone! It was like I had opened my eyes a new person! I was speechless and feeling so amazing afterward! I am so incredibly grateful for Jess it is an honour to work with her.'


'What an incredible gift Jess has! I was lucky enough to have a one on one energy clearing with her the day after a massive panic attack. She was so in tune with me and I felt so safe. At a time when I desperately needed something to break me out of my anxiety, she came in and made me feel a million times better.

The day before our energy clearing I felt like I had an elephant on my chest and I was petrified to be in public. The day after I was feeling so confident I went and exercised in public. I am so so grateful to Jess and I would recommend her 1 million percent to anyone who is feeling anxious or like they're in a bit of a funk. She is an incredible and gentle person, you couldn’t feel any safer with her working through your issues.

I seriously feel like a different person!'

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