Personalised Coaching

Reflect on 2018, create powerful goals and begin 2019 with the passion and purpose you deserve to feel! Take away action steps personalised to your goals so your dreams will become a reality.

Heart Centred

In order to create a life we love, we must enter a state of alignment. I will take you through powerful processes to connect with your heart space. You will learn how to do this at home to continue to create and manifest all you desire!

Relaxed Atmosphere

I love to create an environment you will feel super comfy in, because that makes me comfortable too! Sit how you like, wear what feels good, dive into the yummy food...just enjoy this special, yet super powerful time for YOU.

Wooden Beavers Playground

Latest Project

The new owners of Idaho Tea & Coffee House wanted to give their place a complete makeover. We turned this boring looking cafe into a remarkable place. Both inside and outside, we built new furniture made to last heavy use and bad weather. All the wood used for the project was delivered from a nearby sawmill.

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