MARCH 15-18 2019 & APRIL 26 - 29 2019

'A home away from home'

These intimate healing retreats are for just 6 women at a time.

Experience private healing sessions with Jess Lee and her sister Laura Williams. Relaxed workshops with Jess' mum - Spiritual Teacher and Emotional Healer, Moira Williams. Incredible vegan cuisine, yoga, goddess circles and more.

Set in the magnificent Mudgeeraba Forest, surrounded by Native Australian wildlife - the perfect place to reconnect and feel at one with nature.

Enjoy the chemical free pool, bush walks, stillness, peace & tranquility.

Investment - from $997 (payment plans available)

Email Jess at to secure your spot or find out more - Replies are usually very quick.



'Jess took me through the most beautiful energy clearing like nothing I had ever felt before! It was electric and I could feel everything around me instantly change as well as her energy through the phone! It was like I had opened my eyes a new person! I was speechless and feeling so amazing afterward! I am so incredibly grateful for Jess it is an honour to work with her.'


'What an incredible gift Jess has! I was lucky enough to have a one on one energy clearing with her the day after a massive panic attack. She was so in tune with me and I felt so safe. At a time when I desperately needed something to break me out of my anxiety, she came in and made me feel a million times better.

The day before our energy clearing I felt like I had an elephant on my chest and I was petrified to be in public. The day after I was feeling so confident I went and exercised in public. I am so so grateful to Jess and I would recommend her 1 million percent to anyone who is feeling anxious or like they're in a bit of a funk. She is an incredible and gentle person, you couldn’t feel any safer with her working through your issues.

I seriously feel like a different person!'

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