Experience this powerful energetic healing and balance by Jess Lee from the comfort of your own home.

Take this vital time for yourself as you step away from the responsibilities of every day life, to take care of the most important person of all – YOU.

Connecting over the phone, you on your bed or couch and Jess Lee at her healing table. With your eyes closed, it will be as if you are in the same room. Jess will carry out the balance as if you are on the table in front of her.

Together you will co-create a space of healing divine energy for your highest good and receiving guidance on exactly what your soul is wanting to communicate with you at this time.

The intention is that you will leave the session feeling clear, balanced and at peace, ready to step back into life from a place of alignment.

Investment - $129 AUD



Do you have something showing up in your life that you would like to gain clarity on, or are you ready to move forward but feeling stuck?

A combination of energetic healing and intuitive coaching, this three hour session with Jess Lee will help you to gain clarity and gain momentum.

Intuitively guided, Jess will take the session in the direction that feels most aligned with you and your needs. Beginning with a deep dive questionnaire leading up to the session, you will likely feel some shifts prior to even starting.

This questionnaire will give Jess a deeper understanding of what you would like to work on together in order to get the most out of the time together.

This is your opportunity to heal emotions, illuminate and release limiting beliefs that have been coming up for you and holding you back from moving forward. Leave this session with crystal clear clarity, a sense of peace and ready to move forward.




This is for the woman who is ready for massive change, growth and complete support.

Beginning with the Clarity Experience – A guided audio to help you tap into your deepest desires for this time together. Begin the 3 month journey with a one hour Energy Balance, followed by 6 x 1 hour Intuitive Coaching Sessions combined with energetic balances as needed.

This is much more than a standard coaching series.

Yes, gain complete clarity on your direction, and take massive action but the most powerful way to move forward (and with super speed) is to first go inward. To communicate with our soul and what she is asking of us.

To get into total alignment and to illuminate the fears and beliefs which are holding us back from reaching those goals.

Often, it may be that the external goals which once were so important, slip away, replaced by much more fulfilling goals around how you would like to FEEL in life.

Together, with unlimited email support from Jess Lee and fortnightly sessions, you will undertake an empowering healing journey with her by your side. It’s time to embrace even more of yourself than ever before and let go of that which is no longer serving you.

Investment - $497 AUD per month

(payment plans available)

Available via application only. Book a 15 minute free consult to ensure you are the perfect fit for each other.


"Thank you so so much Jess. Prior to our series I felt lost, confused, angry, anxious, a bit helpless around ever finding my purpose and getting clarity in life. I felt like I wasn’t good enough and that I wasn’t a good person!

After our series I feel clear, on purpose, lighter, happy, connected back to my husband, empowered, I have clarity, I have confidence in myself and who I am and believe I can achieve me dreams AND be present for my family. I now know I am a good person, proud of who I am!!!

Thank you for giving me a space to be my authentic self, for giving me courage, helping me find clarity and allowing me to connect to who I am for the first time in my life. I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve taught me and holding a space for me that allowed me to teach myself so much as well.

You have truly changed my life, truly empowered me, inspired me and I am excited for the first time that my dream is possible. I couldn’t have done this without you, never in a million years.

You’ve done more for my growth in 12 weeks then I’ve been able to achieve in my 30 years of life. Thank you!"


"I'm still speechless I feel like no words could ever describe how powerful Jess' coaching is. I was not in a great space prior to our coaching. I've been on a self development journey for about 10 years and NOTHING I have done , and I've done a lot!... nothing compares to a couple of months with Jess.

She creates the most beautiful space. When we created my goals I felt really unsure as to whether I would achieve them. But we smashed them! Now when we read out the goals, THAT IS ME! I had such a strong feeling rising inside me, it was so frustrating because I could feel it was ready to burst out but I couldn’t uncover it. We uncovered my soul purpose within 3 weeks!!

Thank you SO much Jess, I think I have exhausted my thank you's but I'll keep saying them anyway!"


"Jess, you have held held such a special place in my journey over the last 5 years and our time together was sent to me during a time in my life full of growth and transition.

Through our coaching series you've allowed me to be fully seen and heard, you've helped me to see myself in a completely different light and given me the courage to show up in a truly authentic and open hearted way.

You've sparked a light in me and showed me how to open myself up to life and vulnerabilities that I never thought I would be able to. I am incredibly grateful to have had the chance to work with you and I could not recommend you enough!

Even in our FIRST session, you took me through the most beautiful energy clearing like nothing I had ever felt before! It was electric and I could feel everything around me instantly change as well as your energy through the phone! It was like I had opened my eyes a new person! I was speechless and feeling so amazing afterward!

I am so incredibly grateful for you Jess it has been an honour to work with you."


"What an incredible gift Jess has! I was lucky enough to have a one on one energy clearing with her the day after a massive panic attack. She was so in tune with me and I felt so safe. At a time when I desperately needed something to break me out of my anxiety, she came in and made me feel a million times better.

The day before our energy clearing I felt like I had an elephant on my chest and I was petrified to be in public. The day after I was feeling so confident I went and exercised in public. I am so so grateful to Jess and I would recommend her 1 million percent to anyone who is feeling anxious or like they're in a bit of a funk. She is an incredible and gentle person, you couldn’t feel any safer with her working through your issues.

I seriously feel like a different person!"


"I felt so unmotivated to do anything, for myself or my business.

My time with Jess is honestly the most I have ever achieved in my business in such a short amount of time. It’s amazing to have Jess there as a support. If you're thinking about working with Jess, I really say go for it, I really surprised myself how much I achieved."


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